Parkway-Kew's Services​​

Our unique, precision metal coating technology is what we are famous for!
Parkway-Kew offers a wide selection of hard surfacing options that includes HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel), sub-arc welding, thermal spray (metallizing), and plasma spray. Our highly competent engineering department will recommend the best alloys to use to resolve your problems with corrosion resistance and wear resistant parts. We apply the appropriate surfacing method and technology to guarantee its durability and efficiency. The materials we use include ceramics, tungsten carbide, chrome oxide, aluminium, stainless, and zinc. 

To complement our coating capabilities, we have CNC milling, CNC turning, manual turning, and large diameter grinding departments. Wear parts can be fabricated with coatings or without, as is the case with our solid tungsten carbide parts that do not need coatings. We have grinding capabilities up to 65" diameter and 12' in length. Our machining capabilities are maximum of 72 inches in diameter. 
Our services are well sought after throughout all of North America. Our main customers are fracking companies, wire mills and shipping terminals, but we can be helpful to any industry that has worn parts. 

We are experts in the manufacture and rebuilding of urethane coated festoon wheels for shipping cranes. These have been field tested several times and have an extended lifespan of 2 to 3 years longer than the OEM festoon wheels. We also rebuild wire rope pulleys and crane wheels. We proudly provide the fracking industry with the longest lasting manufactured and rebuilt coated pump plungers.